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Welcome! I'm delighted to introduce myself as an experienced organizational consultant specializing in organizational change. With over a decade of practical experience, I have worked closely with organizations, families, and social workers to drive positive change and improve outcomes.


As a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant, I bring a unique blend of clinical expertise and organizational acumen to my work. I deeply understand organizations' challenges and the critical role that a strengths-based approach like Signs of Safety can play in transforming their practices.


My background in child welfare equips me with a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of working with families and individuals in need. I have honed my skills in assessing needs, developing tailored intervention plans, and facilitating positive change within various contexts.


As an organizational consultant, I excel in collaborating with stakeholders at all levels of an organization. By leveraging my extensive experience and knowledge, I guide organizations through aligning their culture, policies, and practices with the principles of Signs of Safety. I offer various services, including training, coaching, and facilitating organizational change, to help organizations create an environment that promotes safety, collaboration, and positive outcomes for families.

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The Signs of Safety approach focuses on the question “How can the worker build partnerships with parents and children in situations of suspected or substantiated child abuse and still deal rigorously with the maltreatment issues?” This strengths-based and safety-focused approach to child protection work is grounded in partnership and collaboration. It expands the investigation of risk to encompass strengths and Signs of Safety that can be built upon to stabilise and strengthen a child’s and family’s situation.

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I specialize in leading organizational change efforts to align the overall culture of an organization with the principles and practices of Signs of Safety. By working closely with key stakeholders, I facilitate a smooth transition towards a culture that embraces and supports the implementation of Signs of Safety throughout all levels of the organization. This includes assessing the current organizational culture, identifying areas for improvement, and designing strategic interventions to foster a collaborative and strengths-based approach within the organization. Through my expertise in organizational change management, I help create an environment where Signs of Safety becomes deeply embedded in daily practices and decision-making processes.

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