Welcome! I’m a registered Clinical Social Worker in Ontario, Canada and a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant with over a decade of practical experience working with organizations, families, and social workers. 


I am available in various capacities to agencies interested in implementing Signs of Safety. I also consult and advocate for families who have become involved with the child welfare system and can help them navigate the confusing and intimidating process. 

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The Signs of Safety approach focuses on the question “How can the worker build partnerships with parents and children in situations of suspected or substantiated child abuse and still deal rigorously with the maltreatment issues?” This strengths-based and safety-focused approach to child protection work is grounded in partnership and collaboration. It expands the investigation of risk to encompass strengths and Signs of Safety that can be built upon to stabilise and strengthen a child’s and family’s situation.

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As a licensed trainer and consultant, I provide staff with a grounded understanding of Signs of Safety use with families, and the support this work requires on an organizational level.

 Organizational SofS Implementation 


Video Consultations

Hands-On Coaching With Staff


Informed by years of practice and training in a variety of approaches, my goal is to help families and individuals to resolve the challenges that impede their ability to function either as healthy individuals, or as a family unit.

Family Therapy

Family Consulting Services

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Prevent The Call To Child Protection