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I'm actively involved in implementations across Canada and the United States. As a licensed trainer and consultant, I provide participants with a grounded understanding of Signs of Safety use with families and the support this work requires on an organizational level. After many years of applying Signs of Safety in the field, I have a unique understanding of the way that all aspects of Signs of Safety interact to create lasting safety for children. I have extensive experience providing guidance and training to all levels, from frontline workers to management.

Training & Consulting


  • Introductory and Advanced trainings. 

  • Trainings that support organizations to embed and sustain Signs of Safety.  

  • Consultation that support Signs of Safety implementation.

  • Organizational/SNR leadership implementation consulting support.  



  • Typically 1-day focused skill enhancement sessions for front-line protection and non -protection staff from all levels of service.  

  • Possible topics can include but are not limited to: Organizational Safety, Tools (Mapping, 3-Houses, Safety House, Words and Pictures), Trajectory, Networking, Safety Planning, Appreciative Inquiry, Signs of well Being/Success and Organizational Implementation.   


  • Video conferencing sessions that are typically 1-3 hours long.  These sessions can include but are not limited to: coaching, mentoring in the use of Signs of Safety, largely utilizing the group supervision process.  

  • Video consults are for front-line workers, community partners, supervisors and SNR leaders. These sessions are intended to enhance skills and practice depth and support implementations. 


  • In-person case consult, mentoring and coaching involving face-face work with families. I will attend all pre-planning meetings with agency staff and all meetings involving family members.  Mentoring staff in the process of Signs of Safety from beginning to case closure.  This typically involves, consultation meetings with front line staff and their supervisor, initial meetings with family members (developing partnership), mapping, trajectory work, networking sessions with family and safety planning.  

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